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I'm a crypto researcher, growth marketer, geek, and with a degree Master in Macro Economics. I invest heavily in the industry and make helpful crypto videos.

While everything in crypto fascinates me, I'm most interested in Bitcoin and Ethereum as novel economic systems, decentralized governance, crypto-native businesses, the digitization of fiat currencies, new crypto-enabled markets, and the impact of cryptocurrencies in fragile momentary regimes.

Cryptonomist Research

This is just a sample of the research work i do.

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Cryptonomist ✨ Models

A few google sheets and models broken down to get a better understanding of the markets

Protocol Earnings Sustainability

Here we are breaking down a model for all the monolithic block-chain apps vs the modular block-chain protocols, also seeing how Rollups are much better and lucrative to operate.

Crypto Real Scale ⚖️ - CoinGecko

Here we are weighing every crypto currency on the same scale, so for this case we built a google sheet initially to make one of the strings constant and reverse calculate the price based on it.which was there after turned into a cool web app Try web app - here

Made a calculator to manage long positions to avoid cascading liquidations.



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